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Difficult it is,

to understand the meaning of the title written there above…

Well, here’s what I mean by it – while chatting on Facebook most of the people use simple text to chat with their friends. That’s good enough way for simple talking.

But, what if you want to highlight something or emphasise something – you write it in capitals (and your friends think that you’re shouting!).

When something funny comes in your way, you just type those three letters – LOL.


But, did you know that you can also format your text during Facebook chat.

Like, for example, instead for writing I AM BUSY (i.e. in capitals, making your friends feel that you’re shouting), it would have been great if you could write it as I am busy (i.e. bold text, no more capitals, no more misconceptions! Winking smile).

Or, how good it would have been if you could underline some special points while chatting.

I am not just making you feel sick just by telling up all these possibilities, the good thing is that I’m going to share a simple yet effective method to format your text in Facebook chat.

Here we go:

To make your text bold, place it between two asterisk characters.

*Stop Yelling* will display in Facebook Chat as: Stop Yelling

To underline your text, place it between two underscore characters.

_Important Point_ will display in Facebook Chat as: Important Point

To underline and make bold, place the text between both asterisk and underscore characters.

_*STOP*_ will display in Facebook Chat as: STOP

Look! It is that much simple.

Now, there’s no more need to use those old traditional methods to highlight your important points during your conversations. Just use this simple method and you’re good to go.

What’s more, you can boast this trick on your friends and, if you like, you can tease them too (I wouldn’t recommend it however. Instead give them a link to this post Winking smile).

While writing all this, I feel that I should also give away these:

Facebook Emoticons

No need to mention, this is a list of characters that you can type on the Facebook chat window to display their respective graphical emoticons. You may already be knowing some of these (or may be all, who knows?).

Share this page with your friends, make them know that you can also format text in the Facebook chat window and become the hero.

And, I love to read your comments and suggestions; so you needn’t stop doing that.

Bye for now! Smile



As the new Facebook chat system is launched, the formatting features (like bold and underline) are no more working. They might have been removed as more and more people have started using them (because of articles like this one!!! Winking smile).

I’ll be back soon with another alternative to this (if I find one), till then, keep using those smileys and be connected!