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Hi there!

You know what?

I am writing this article to promote the so called world’s most used web browser, the Internet Explorer.

IE9 Logo

As so many web browsers are available, nowadays, people are switching from IE to other web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

That’s good if you think that IE cannot satisfy you and you really want to use a different web browser.

But, do you really need a different web browser?

Is IE that poor?

Well, well, well…

Let me explain.

Early in the 19th century, Netscape Navigator was the only web browser. And you know what, people had to pay to use it. Yup, they had to pay just for the web browser, the internet subscription apart.

On August 23rd, 1995, Microsoft released their Windows 95 operating system, including a Web browser called Internet Explorer. People loved it for a big BIG reason: it’s free! Microsoft did the courage of releasing a web browser that is free for all. The web really began to live its life from that time. Forget the modern web that you’re using today if there were no Internet Explorer.

By the fall of 1996, Internet Explorer had a third of market share, and passed Netscape to became the leading web browser in 1999. After that, it had no looking back. People became fan of Microsoft and its lovely Internet Explorer. Netscape now started weeping and crying, but no effect. IE took everything from it. Yup, Netscape Navigator is officially NO MORE…


Although IE is still the most used web browser in the world but it has lost the charm it had in its early years. Most of the people I meet use third-party web browsers that I’ve mentioned above.

About Internet Explorer, there’s a common opinion – It’s SLOW!!!

But hey, let me tell ya. IE9 is out there. And it ROCKS!!!

IE9 is no more that bloated, slow internet application. It’s an awesome combination of speed, security, performance and the greatest – support for modern web standards.

Happy now? See IE9 in action here, you’ll love it (I recommend using IE9 to browse this site):

Go to Beauty of the Web

Now you say, Speed?

Take a look:

IE9 Speed! People are blown away by it.


User Interface:

Trust me on this, IE9 has the most beautiful UI I’ve ever seen. It is clean and site-centric UI that lets the sites shine so that it’s the site that you pay attention at, not the web browser.


There’s never been any doubt related to the security of Internet Explorer. It has always been the most secure web browser and will always be! No doubt in that.

Still, there are many more features that need to be discussed about IE9 but I leave that job to you.

Keep on commenting and suggesting.


Let Internet Explorer rule the web, yet again!

Switch to IE9, you’ll love it. Let’s promote Microsoft so that they keep on doing great work and keep bringing good new releases of the legend – Internet Explorer.


For those who still don’t believe me:

Take a look at the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark results. (Notice that smaller bars are better).

IE9 takes the least time in Javascript rendering.

The new Javascript engine of IE9, codenamed Chakra, is awesome. Compare it with IE8 to feel how much has IE improved.

So, it’s not only my words that are speaking, the results speak it loud too!

IE9 rocks!!!




You can test your browser’s speed by following this link:

After taking that test, compare it with my score (using IE9):My Browser Speed Test Result Using IE9

Download IE9 today: (For users in India).

Or, you can use Beauty of the Web website to download IE9 (link provided above).