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Yippee!!! Rolling on the floor laughing

That’s what you might have said when you’ve heard about Facebook for every phone, right?

Well, Facebook has launched its application that can run on almost every mobile phone while keeping most of its features. You might already have tried it.

If not, you can download it right now by guiding your phone’s browser to:

Facebook for every phone - Official Facebook App

Yes, it’s indeed true that it can run on almost every phone.

But, on many phones, it lacks one of the MOST WANTED feature of Facebook – CHAT.

Yes, the official Facebook App for every phone cannot provide you with the fancy Chat service (and that’s why you may not like it Angry smile).

However, this App can be a fantastic combination with one another Facebook App (third – party release) called as Facebook Chat (yep, this is what it is called).

Facebook Chat App

The Facebook Chat application can run on almost every mobile phone device with JAVA support. It is a lightweight application and does not requires too much of RAM.

It will also maintain the categories of your contacts if you have categorised your contacts on Facebook.

The combination of both of these apps on your phone can make even a low end phone perfectly Facebook ready.


You can download the Facebook Chat app from:

Hope that this will entirely change the way you use your phone.

Like always, comments and suggestions are always invited. Smile