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Live TV on the go!!!

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Entertainment, Web
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So, finally!

After a long time of research, I’ve finally found some easy methods to watch Live TV on your portable devices (or even non-portable, it doesn’t matters). You may find some sites that allow you to stream English TV channels but it’s a big deal when it comes to finding a safe, reliable, yet useful service which allows you to stream Indian TV channels.

However, I’ve finally managed to find some suitable services.

Yes, that’s true. And, the best part – they’re all free!!! Smile

Now, you’re excited to know how it is done. Well, it’s very easy (however, it is really difficult to research this on your own). Whatever!

So, here we go:

For Android Phones:


This is a good news for all of the Android fans and users (of course!). There is a free App available in the Android market that lets you stream Live TV on your phone.


What’s more? It even lets you choose your network type. So, if you have 3G or Wifi network then you can enjoy high quality Live TV on your phone. However, if you don’t have those expensive networks (forgive me if they aren’t expensive for you), you still need not cry. This app also supports 2G networks with a little, unnoticeable decrease in quality. This app has many Indian channels available for live streaming.

Before you get mad and start crying, let me tell you the name of the app. It’s called: Mera LiveTv. You can download it from the official Android Market for free and stream free live TV on your Android phone.


For PCs:PC

For those who want to watch Live TV on their personal computers, I have a real treat!

Yes, you don’t need to download and install any junk software; no need to register at any useless websites anymore. It is just as simple as that!Watch Live TV on your PC

Just click this button to the right, choose a channel and you’re good to go.

This website provides free Live TV service with a little lag from the real television (who cares anyway!).

But, this site supports just a few channels currently; may be more channels will be added with time. Whatsoever, it contains most of the channels that we’d like to watch on our TV sets.


Finally, if you don’t have an Android phone, you need not shed your tears.

Yep, you can also watch Live TV even if you don’t have an Android phone. There are some WAP sites on the mobile web that provide free Live TV streaming to all of the phones. But, your phone should, at least, support online video streaming (most of the newer phone support it).

To stream Live TV on your phone, just open up your phone’s web browser and go to

Click on Live Mobile TV and then choose a channel. This is it! Now you’ll be able to stream Live TV on your phone.

Enjoy Live TV!

Hope that you like this article.

Please comment and give suggestions as they are very much appreciated. Smile